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Welcome Home in Wayzata, MN


How exciting - your new city!  On this page, you'll be able to get your utilities set up and we'll help you connect with some of our client discounts and trusted partners.

Remember that we're here for the long-haul.  We would like to be a resource for years to come.  On the lower section, we have links to connect with us on your favorite social network.  Let's stay connected!

Helpful Links:



Here is the link to the Electric service in your city


Here you'll find the link to the water service in this city


Here you'll find a good waste company in your area:


Here is the Gas service in your area. 

Need some referrals for projects?

Over the years, we have collected some great referral partners like painters, contractors etc.  We also have access to special pricing a wide range of high-ticket products for the home.  Click the button below to select the types of connections you'd like to receive.  

Let's stay connected!
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