We're famous! Sorta...

June 3, 2019

For the last few years we have been teaching free or low cost classes on community centers around the metro about affordable ways to update your house to sell. Several house sellers or just people who want to beautify their house have passed through our classes and have been able to save money while updating and improving their homes.


Because of our success with these classes, we have been approached by José Martinez from Realty Media - a local media company promoting real estate advice. José knows of our experience with not only real estate market but also with our interior design focused approach to our real estate business and invited us to shoot a series of videos that offer people tangible advice. On these videos we will be sharing our knowledge about updates you can do in your house such as kitchen and bath remodel on a way that is enjoyable, timeless and profitable when you decide to sell your home.


We are having so much fun shooting these videos (we may or may not be feeling like HGTV stars! Haha) and we truly hope you enjoy and learn from them! On this first video it’s all about LIGHTING and we share some about the lighting choices we made at our own home!! Click on the picture below to watch it!! Let us know what you think and what are things you’d like to learn. We would love to address some of your concerns!


Thank you for spending some time with us!!