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Sean and Blanca guarantee that they will sell your home for the "Market Value Price" or they will waive their listing commission.

DATA-DRIVEN - Since 2018, sellers who have sold with Sean and Blanca have made a total of over $550,000 over the asking price. How much MORE will your home sell for? 


As the homeowner, you will have total control to set the list price for your home.  Based on the market and their experience, Sean and Blanca will provide the "market value price".  Sean and Blanca's market value price is what the program (and the commission structure) will be based on.  It's possible for the seller’s list price and the "Market Value Price" to be different.


I know what you're thinking - Is this another real estate sales gimmick?!  Or, "they'll just set a low price so they will be safe and not risk losing their commission."  Not the case.  Sean and Blanca have the market knowledge and confidence and they’re willing to put their commission where their mouths are.  This offer proves that if you lose - Sean and Blanca are prepared to lose.

Home Criteria to Qualify

Hennepin County only (may consider other counties soon).

Market valuation range shall be from 100k-450k.

Single-family homes, Townhomes, duplexes, and Condos qualify.

3 bedroom or more for single family.

1 car garage or more to qualify.

*To learn more details and qualifications about this offer and to learn how much your home will sell for, book Sean and Blanca for a no-obligation home consultation.

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