• Sean

When you love what you do, don't do it for free!

It’s amazing how things work out when you truly love what you do. We have had the opportunity in our business to work with incredible clients, collaborate on large projects, and build many strong and meaningful relationships. One of the best aspects of the job for us is when we are able to establish friendships with our clients, developing the kind of trust that lets them know they are in good hands and can rely on us whatever their needs might be. We appreciate every referral, every repeat business, and every project we work on -- especially when we know our clients have chosen us over less expensive options.

Recently we had a meeting with a young couple who were very interested in working with us. However, they had already met with another realtor they were considering due to cost. We had actually worked with these clients a few years ago after being referred to them by the father of one of them. The amazing thing is that, even though the realtor they were currently considering was willing to work on a very low commission, these clients still wanted to meet with us to hear what we had to say. After the meeting and hearing our presentation on how we felt we could best represent them in their new project, they both decided that -- despite the fact we were not the least expensive option available -- they would still prefer to work with us. As a final step before a decision, however, they wanted to reach out to the same father who had referred us originally to get his thoughts on which way they should go. It turned out that the reason the father knew us is because he had been a realtor back in 2007, representing the other side of one of our sales. He had been so impressed with how we negotiated and represented our client that, when it came time for his son to buy/sell a home, he knew we were the ones to call! Needless to say, when the client called on his dad to ask his opinion once again, he said that he knew we would be the right people to work with and that his son should definitely go with us.

We will always put our clients first, and are forever grateful for those who put their trust in us!

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