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Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2020

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

To all our friends and clients, we want to make sure you are aware of design trends that will not only create a space you’ll love but will also add value to your home whether you’re selling in the near future or not.

We are blessed to be good friends with Morgan and Jamie Molitor from Construction 2 Style and we sat down with her to talk about where is Home Design shifting into and she shared some pretty cool ideas to beautify your house! Morgan and Jamie do amazing work throughout the state and with their fun and modern approach to home design we sure love to recommend them to everyone out there. So make sure you check them out at!

Morgan points out 5 hot design trends for the year of 2020:

People want to bring impact, purpose and meaning into their home

Most people want to keep it classical, traditional but not outdated so bringing fun details into the design will highlight the heritage and bring purpose by creating a storyline that you will always be excited to share with guests. You can do that by adding some family heirloom pieces, vintage items or handmade items from both local or internationally artisans. As shown in the picture below, Morgan added some of her grandmother's paintings alongside local artists' pictures to bring meaning to her bathroom remodel.

Color - Globally, Nature

The top colors chosen by homeowners lately are the ones reminiscent of nature like blues, greens and corals.

When it comes to wall colors, Morgan points that this year we will also see a lot of pinks and one of her favorite pinks is called First Light from Behr.

Also on her list of favorites are Naval Blue from Sherwin Williams and Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore (a gray/beige neutral) and White Dove. All shown below in order.

Morgan also mentions that gray color is shifting out and bringing back more beige colors, although not a yellowish/brownish beige but still a more gray undertone beige color.

Consider these colors for accent walls.

The Pantone color of the year 2020 brought in some favorites like:

-Classic Blue

-Bleached Coral

-Living coral

That all are inspired to bring nature inside your home.

Titles with historic or natural elements

People are getting a lot more creative with their home design by adding some fun and exotic titles, hence all the amazing European historic type of titles we see it in stores nowadays. Also, you’ll see the addition of blues, greens and yellows, all tied to the nature trend.


Morgan believes that white cabinets are not going out of style anytime soon, but with that a lot more people are steering away from white cabinet plus white titles and white countertops. The trend is to bring a lot more boldness by being more fun with the titles, for example.

When white cabinetry is not the choice, Morgan affirms that more and more people want to incorporate nature into their home but bringing natural wood color to the cabinets or flooring.


Most people still like the light, bright and clean countertops but not pure white. They are being a lot more bold with fun patterns and grains and speckles. Morgan's favorite countertops are: Brittanicca Gold Cambria, Delgatie Cambria and Skara Brae Cambria - also shown below in order.

Let us know if you brought any of these ideas to life in your home!! We would love to see the pictures!! Just tag us on Instagram or Facebook!!

Follow us on social to see what we're up to and we'll see you soon!!

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