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The Ultimate Checklist for Listing Your Home

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There is a reason why when Sean and Blanca sell a home, we're getting 99.4% of the list price over the past 2 years! Our sellers are well prepared and it makes a huge difference. It's a team effort!

Here is a checklist and action-list to help you get ready for listing your home.

Please save or print it as a reference moving forward.

1. Book your consultation with Sean and Blanca

This is a good 1st step. It's free and there is no obligation. Your home won't be ready (cleaned, decluttered), and that's normal. Even if you end up NOT selling - that's OK. This is not a sales pitch, it's just a consultation. What's great about having Sean and Blanca tour your home is, they'll provide you a detailed market report, a seller net sheet and a bunch of ideas and options that you might not have thought of.

Example of the Seller's Net sheet

Example of the Market Report

2. Schedule your Design Consultation

Their designer will visit your home (either virtually or in person) and get some ideas going.  This service is included for free for our clients who list and sell with Sean and Blanca!

What's included:

  1. The initial consultation

  2. A plan of action report for each area of the home

See an example of what you'll receive from the designer 

3. Does your city require a Point of sale Inspection? #Homework

If you live in one of these cities, you’ll need to get a city inspection and complete all the required repairs in order to sell you home. These repairs are safety and code items only. please contact your city and order the point of sale inspection. Here is the list of cities that require this inspection. This will cost you $150-$300 depending on your city.

>>Click on your city to be routed to the inspection page.

  1. Bloomington

  2. Golden Valley

  3. Hopkins

  4. Maplewood

  5. Minneapolis

  6. New Hope

  7. Osseo

  8. Richfield

  9. Robbinsdale

  10. St. Louis Park

4. Fill out the Seller's Disclosure Statement #Homework

Get a copy of the Seller's Disclosures here

Seller's disclosures are an important part of the Listing process. You don't need to worry about over-disclosing. The rule of thumb is, "if you're wondering IF you should disclose something - you should.

A well-written Disclosure statement will help build TRUST with potential buyers. Be detailed and take your time while filling these out. I've created a how-to video here, just click on the image below.

The main purpose of the seller's disclosures is to tell them anything about the home that could affect the use or enjoyment of the property.

Filling them out by hand is best but if you'd like to use an online program you may. When you are finished, you can scan and email them to me or I can pick them up at the house later. This should be done by the time we hit the market, please.

5. Preparing for the photoshoot (this is SO IMPORTANT)

Things that you need to realize about your photoshoot:

  • This will sound a little rude, so I apologize in advance. The house needs to be 100% ready and preferably - empty. Imagine this is your 1st day hitting the market. If the photographer arrives and the home is not ready (people running around, dogs are at the home) they will reschedule. This will delay the launch date and Sean and Blanca will be charged $150.

  • The best scenario is that no one is present during the shoot. Even the homeowner should not be there so the photographer can focus and do his job. We also steer-clear and out of the way.

  • The photographer is not there to stage your home or give you advice on changing things or moving things. He will not move or touch anything in the home, especially furniture, rugs, towels or staging items.

  • The timeframe (ETA) for the shoot is a 2-hour window. Not a set time. We will send you a calendar invite.

  • Don't forget about your yard and the exterior of the home. Ensure that the lawn looks good, garbage bins, flag markers (from the sign install) are stored/removed and any toys or items are picked up from the yard.

  • Get your Photoshoot Checklist here

  • If you'd like, you can turn on all of the lights for the photographer.

  • Watch the video and see the Blog post here How to get the best real estate photos for your listing (Video)

6. Help us gather your home's Updated and Features #Homework

We can work on this together (over the phone, in person or on a Zoom call). We want to show the prospects what you’ve done to the home over that last few years. Please add relevant updates and features like new additions, renovations, improvements, new appliances, etc. We also like to add nice features (these do not need to be improvements that you’ve done) like, solid oak doors, tiled bathroom shower, insulated/heated garage, irrigation, garden, fire pit… Think about things that will save buyers money, like LED bulbs, adding insulation, green products, rain barrels, nest thermostat. Anything that will add value to the home. Get a Copy of that document here.

7. Write a compelling Seller letter (optional but a nice touch) #Homework

If you have time and you're willing to write 2-5 paragraphs about what you loved about your house, the area, fun things you like to do and anything interesting that you'd like to share with prospective buyers. Download an example of the Seller Letter here

8. Do you live in an Association? #Homework

If so, you'll need to contact your association and order your Resale documents, Rules, and Regulations. Most of the time, there is a login on the association's website where you can order these and they will send you a link to the documents. This has a cost, usually about $85-$150.

9. How do the showings & feedback work?

Great question. Showings can start on the day we hit the market so be ready! If we’re doing a “Coming Soon”, we cannot allow any public showings (only buyers from our brokerage.)

Get the app here and use your email to set it up. https://www.showingtime.com/mobile-app/ . You’ll be notified via email and notifications on the ShowingTime app. It’s super easy.

If you’d like to block certain times or days of the week, just let us know and we’ll make sure to set that up on the back end.

Showings will be an hour window. It’s standard for the homeowner to leave the house. If you have pets, please bring them with you or have them kenneled. Cats are usually fine but if they are escape-artists, please let me know.

Feedback: After agents have shown your home, we will ask them for feedback 3 times. Most agents will take the time to write feedback. Some will not. We will forward you all feedback when we receive it.

10. Secure your valuables

It’s rare but sometimes things will be stolen during showings or open houses. Make sure to remove or secure your valuables and prescription drugs.

11. What Personal Property needs to stay in the home?

The short answer is, it's your property and you can take anything that you'd like. BUT you must understand what the purchase agreement states. I've attached a screenshot of the the personal property section of the purchase agreement. Please review.

Sometimes sellers don't understand that any item that is attached to the home, structure or to the ground should stay. You can exclude anything you'd like (the buyer must also agree) but you need to communicate that with us and the buyers clearly. If you need to make a list of items that you will exclude, that might be a good idea. Send that to us and we'll add that to the MLS so it's included with any purchase agreements. If you want to review a blank copy of a purchase agreement, here it is

Here is a list of common confusion of what to leave, what can go:

  1. Mounted TV's - the bracket is attached so it should stay but then you should patch the holes. You can leave the bracket and technically, that's fine. I like to ask the buyers about this.

  2. Window treatments are attached and should stay (or exclude them in writing)

  3. Appliances - any appliance should be listed on the disclosures as working or not located in the property. If you intend on removing any appliance, we need to exclude it.

  4. Shelving or storage items - if it's attached, it should stay. Don't forget about the garage shelves..

  5. Play-sets, trampolines, storage sheds, fire-pits our any outdoor items that are attached/freestanding

  6. It's normal to leave current paint cans/colors, extra tiles, wood flooring pieces or relevant and helpful items. Do not leave a bunch of old paint or debris inside or outside of the house.

  7. Please note, if you leave the walls full of holes and scratches, some buyers will become very upset when they go to the final walk. If your walls are beat-up you might want to make a statement that you'll either patch, paint the walls, or leave the walls as is.

12. How to have the best outcomes for showings?

  • Have the home as clean as possible inside and out (obviously). Don’t forget about the windows ;). On the rare occurrence of not having the house clean and ready for a showing, just let us know and we’ll notify the showing agent - the buyers will understand. It’s best to show the home rather than canceling a showing. They may never return if we reschedule them.

  • You can turn the lights on if the timing makes sense.

  • Allow as much natural light into the home. Open shades and window treatments.

  • Ensure the home is set to a comfortable temperature.

  • Smells: Don’t over-do it with Febreze, plug-ins or defusers.

  • It’s optional, but you can leave a note to the buyers and maybe some treats or small water bottles.

Get ready for an amazing sale!!

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