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Team Member Highlight - Sean

A great negotiator is hard to find! Negotiation requires grit, tenacity, and a clear understanding of numbers and stats in order to present a strong and WINNING contract. Which leads us to this week's team member highlight - Sean Schellsmidt! Sean is truly a master in the art of negotiation and, along with Blanca, has over 15 years of experience helping clients secure the best possible outcome for their home.

In a seller's market like this one, a homeowner can receive 30 offers within days! This is overwhelming unless you have a clear and concise strategy in place for determining which offer is best. Here's what we do:

Step 1 - We collect all the offers.

Step 2 - We make sure we know who the buyer's lender is. Does the lender have a good rep on closings? If not, we present options!

Step 3 - We check every offer for errors, and work with other agents to correct any mistakes or omissions in the offers.

Step 4 - We encourage buyers to write a personal note about why they want the house, so our sellers have an idea of the people behind the contract offers.

Step 5 - We go over all of the offers with our sellers, addressing multiple issues such as financing vs cash, earnest money, down payment, escalator clauses, etc. This process eliminates weak offers and narrows down the choice to the strongest, highest offers. Sean is always available to help weigh options and negotiate with buyers, if necessary, to obtain the best possible outcome for our sellers.

At the end of the day we are a team, working hard to ensure that our clients have the best and smoothest experience possible. Our clients are our top priority!

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