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Prepare Your Home to Sell with Sean and Blanca

We realize just how much time, effort, planning, and money it can take to get your house in prime condition for the market. There are a lot of moving parts involved in preparing your house for sale. In this year's insane market, finding someone to work with you has become something of a nightmare for many of our clients. That is, until they work with us!

Recently we had a client who told us she was at the end of her rope because she had been trying to find a contractor to work on her bathroom remodel for ages with zero success. Most of the contractors she had contacted were either booked months out or would not take on her project because it was “too small”. Others simply did not have the skills to handle it because she wanted it done a certain way.

After speaking with her and spending time to understand what she wanted, Blanca decided to refer her to an interior designer she had worked with in the past -- one she knew could help turn the client’s vision into reality. The best part of this was that the designer's boyfriend was a contractor, and together they were able to tackle all of the client's projects for her home!

The client ended up so happy with the work done on her home she wasn’t sure she actually wanted to sell it after all! Ultimately, however, she worked with Sean and Blanca to purchase her neighbor’s pool house -- allowing her to stay in the area she loved and realize her dream of owning a property with water.

Without the work of the designer and contractor Blanca provided, none of this would have been possible! Sean and Blanca have spent years building loyal relationships with skilled people they can trust, and they know that they can count on these amazing people to take on special projects when called -- saving our clients time, hassle, and money!

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