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Listing Specialist VS. Buyer's Agent??

Updated: Nov 24

Why Hire a Listing Specialist?

If you’re planning to sell your home, hiring an experienced listing Specialist can make all the difference. According to, 90 percent of sellers use a listing agent to sell their home (not a buyer's agent) – and for good reason. A listing agent brings a unique pricing and negotiating experience to the table, as well as strategic plans for how to market and sell your home in the media and video-driven world of 2022.

The listing side is VERY different than the buyer's side. On Average, most Realtors work mostly with buyers (not listings).

Performance Matters

If you're hiring an agent, would you like to know what their List-to sale ratio is? Most agents wouldn't even know how to Calculate this!

Sean and Blanca's is 99.2%

So when they list a home, that means, on average, they sell that house for 99.2% of the list price. THAT'S not normal - that's elite level!

The math is done for you - Here are the actual numbers to show you the proof: (Click each to see the solds/stats)

If you calculate all of their sales since 2018, they have made their sellers over $800,000 over list price!

Here are some of the extra services that they offer their Sellers (click on the links to learn more)


A Case Study from a family that we helped sell in Golden Valley.


Are you planning on selling YOUR HOME?

To get this article scan here:

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