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How to get the best real estate photos for your listing

Updated: Apr 13

I had the pleasure of talking with my friend Bill Kraus from SkyDefinition (www.skydefinitionmn.com), who is a professional real estate photographer; and he shares with us how to have the best outcome for your real estate photoshoot whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent.

Bill and I have worked together in the past and we have been able to support each other’s business as we both entered the real estate arena. Bill taught me a lot on how to help my clients to get their best photos when listing their homes for sale. Today we get to offer our clients the most beautiful images to market their home and later use those images in our own marketing efforts (win win)!!

Bill is providing you a checklist you can download and print to guide you on what to do to get your house ready to be photographed, and have the most impact on the real estate market and therefore attract more potential buyers.

Download PDF • 313KB

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