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How to Create a CMA Like a Rockstar

Hi Client,

It was great to meet you and tour your home!

I ran the numbers in your neighborhood and I found some good comps. As you know, it's a strong seller's market and your home's condition (and our marketing) will out-shine most other homes in the area.

When I price a home, the price is actually a (slightly) moving target. Since our designer will be helping you make changes, (she's included for free) decluttering etc, your home will look EVEN BETTER when you're done. At that time we'll fine-tune the price (usually upwards). For now, I'll give you a really close RANGE. Sound good? I have a lot more to say, so please see the video link below.

Start by clicking the 1st link.

Click here to access my screenshot comments (video)

Click here to see the Comps in detail

Click here to view the Market Report

Thank you, Let us know if you have any questions.

Sean Schellsmidt

Real Estate Expert

eXp Realty


Let's connect on FB - Insta - YouTube - Linkedin

Programs that you'll need are:

Jing Free

Snagit $49

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