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How to Build a Custom New Home in 2018 & Avoid Mistakes Like This.

Buying a new custom home can be super exciting but at the same time stressful - especially if you don't know what to ask or lookout for. Like in this example, the builder decided to add a sports court (it's small and not very useful) and he didn't have any outdoor living spaces (no patio, no deck, no porch). Big mistake! This house was active when I shot the video and had already made a -$70,000 price reduction. In the Minnesota and Twin Cities area, outdoor living spaces like a deck or a 3 season porch are key selling points. In homes over $600,000, they're a must-have.

The point of this video was to show you a few things:

  1. Show you what NOT to do if you build a home. In this case, that room to the rear of the kitchen was kind of redundant. It would have been much more appealing to have a 3 or 4 season porch.

  2. In many cases, builders would rather finish a simple room rather than spend more time and hire additional crews to do something more elaborate. For a builder, it's not always about adding more price to a home. It's more about how can they get as much profit marginin the shortest amount of time.

  3. To give you some ideas of other ways to use a sports court. I've always wondered why someone would pay an additional $40-$80,000 to have a tiny free-throw area. There's no way anyone can play much basketball in that small area. Like I say in the video, maybe it could be used as a dance/party area. If you're going to build a sports court, at least make it large enough where you can play some basketball.

  4. It's always fun to see a new custom home and look at the nice finishes. Overall this house had great finishes and a nice layout.

If you're planning on building a new home please interview us. You'll find that having us on your side to grab the builder by the horns will be a huge advantage. We'll make sure you don't make costly mistakes that will affect your sale in the future.

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