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Fall Checklist For Your Home

It may seem a bit early since we are still reaching temperatures in the low 90's here in Minnesota, but pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, and turtleneck season are just around the corner. This means it's about time to start looking over the fall to do list for all of your important home maintenance tasks!

To help you keep on top of things, here are 9 items for you to check off your list this season:

1 - Clean or replace your gutters - remove any twigs, leaves, and grime from your gutters to make sure that ice dams don’t form.

2 - Check your home for drafts - save on energy bills by making sure your windows are sealed up and there are no leaks throughout your home.

3 - Drain your outdoor faucets - any water left in the pipes could freeze and lead to ruptured pipes.

4 - Bring your outdoor furniture inside - a lot of outdoor furniture is not designed to handle the extreme cold. Make sure to store them inside. Your garage or shed can protect them.

5 - Repair cracks in your driveway - if water seeps into cracks in your driveway and freezes, you may find a lot of expensive damage in the spring.

6 - Change your filters - filters should ideally be checked several times a year. Clogged filters can cause increased heating/cooling bills and make it harder to control the temperature of your home.

7- Test your winter equipment - there is nothing worse than getting out your snow blower after the first huge snowstorm, only to find it doesn't work, leaving you and your family stuck.

8 - Check smoke detectors - fall is one of the best times for cooking and baking all the best dishes! Just make sure all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.

9 - Examine your fireplace - make sure there is no debris inside the chimney. You don’t want any nasty (and potentially dangerous) surprises the first time you use it this season!

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