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#BuyerBoss Story - Ricardo & Rosy beat 24 other offers!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We are so happy for Ricardo and Rosy!

They had a long road because buying a home

during the summer of 2021 was extremely competitive! We lost about 3 homes due to multiple offers and they were losing hope.

To quote Ricardo, "We were ready to throw in the towel - it was an emotional rollercoaster."

Luckily, they stayed strong and kept searching. Well, it paid off! They bought an amazing home in Maple Grove [Beating-out 24 other offers!] with many nice updates like a great backyard with a deck, and a custom fireplace.



What Strategies were used?

  • Detailed Market Analysis

  • Soft Inspection

  • Escalation Clause

  • Flexible Closing Date

  • Strong earnest money

  • Hefty downpayment

  • Expanding their search area

  • Qualified with a great Lender - [Thank you Patty McLain with Bay Equity Home Mortgage]


What Perks Did They Get?

  • Strategies and Guidance to win in this crazy market

  • Great contacts (forever) for painting and fixing a few projects

  • A Ring Doorbell! #BuyerPromo

  • #ClientDiscounts for high ticket items for the home for the foreseeable future

  • Invitations to all of Sean and Blanca's Events

We are super excited for them. We're looking forward to staying in touch and seeing Ricardo and Rosy at our future events!


What about you?

Let's get started on your home search and learn about some of our Promotions and Perks!

Sean - 651-336-7612 ~

Blanca - 651-503-1302 ~

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