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#BuyerBoss Story - Michael & Ronai - Truly amazing story![Video]

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

To quote Ronai:
"I Can't believe this, I'm going to Cry!"

After seeing various homes and losing 2 offers, Michael and Ronai were getting tired of the search process. They didn't lose hope, but it was starting to weigh on them. Then we found this 3.5 acre home in Maple Grove and we sprung into action. Please watch the video, there is too much to explain via text.


What Strategies were used?

  • $41,000 magical discount

  • Rapport with the listing agent and the sellers LOVED US!

  • Super-Fast Response Time

  • Detailed Market Analysis

  • Qualified with a great Lender - Thank you Patty McLain with Bay Equity

  • No Inspection

  • Escalation Clause

  • Fast Closing Date

  • Strong earnest money

  • Hefty downpayment


What Perks Did They Get?

  • Brand new Septic system installed prior to closing

  • Strategies and Guidance to win in this crazy market

  • Great contacts (forever) for painting and fixing a few projects

  • Firepit closing gift! #BuyerPromo

  • #ClientDiscounts for high ticket items for the home for the foreseeable future

  • Invitations to all of Sean and Blanca's Events

Congratulations to Michael and Ronai on your new 4 acre property in Maple Grove!


What about you?

Let's get started on your home search and learn about some of our Promotions and Perks!

Sean - 651-336-7612 ~

Blanca - 651-503-1302 ~

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