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BuyerBoss Stories - Jeremy & Jazmin

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Meet Jeremy and Jazmin. They're a lovely couple who recently closed on their new home in the West Metro. They have a growing family and their goal was to find a home with more space, an office for each and a nice yard to enjoy all four seasons of Minnesota life.

Let's explore why they had a great experience and how they dodged a few bullets.

Buyer Bosses - Jeremy & Jazmin

1. Choosing the right agent

If you haven't purchase a home before, (or not in a long time) who can you trust? Where should you start?

Unfortunately, some buyers are rolling the dice and calling random agents online. Or worse, some are going solo and allowing the seller's agent write all of the the terms. That's a terrible idea! The sole purpose of the seller's agent is to get the best terms for the seller. Have you ever heard, "Buyer be ware?"

Jeremy and Jazmin didn't make that mistake. They interviewed us and another agent. When interviewing a Realtor, it allows you to learn these things:

  • Are they competent?

  • Do they have a heart of a teacher? Or do they want to rush/pressure you?

  • Do they have enough experience?

  • Do you even like them?

  • Will you be working with them? Or a newbie/Jr. agent on their team?

  • Can they show you any tips, programs, incentives or strategies?

A great agent should be like an advisor. They should not make you feel pressured. They should be able to answer all of your questions and show you how they can help you succeed in this market. Did you know? As a buyer, you do not pay any commission?

If you don't know a good agent, ask your trusted advisors. Ask someone who has been around the block. Invest some time and interview a couple of real estate agents - it will pay-off.

2. Choosing a good lender

They did their due diligence and received loan estimates (rates, fees, etc) from at least 2 lenders. With this they were able get a rate under 3.4%!

If you want a referral to a great lender, call us.

3. They were not afraid to ask questions and communicate expectations

People who ask good questions usually make the best decisions. Through the

buying process, Jeremy and Jazmin always asked good questions. Since they had not purchased a home in a long time, they wanted to understand everything. If you work with Sean and Blanca, we'll make sure you understand every step of the process.

To get the #buyerboss checklist and to see the the buying process, you can visit this page.

4. They got the perfect home for their needs

They bought a nicely updated home on a corner lot with a walkout basement, 5 beds, 4 baths, a large bonus room over the garage and a main level office. Since Jeremy works from home, he needed some extra privacy so the lower level 5th bedroom works perfect has his office. #Score!

Sometimes it takes a couple months to find the right home. In this case, we found it in about one week! Regardless, we always fine the perfect home for our clients.

5. We blocked the seller from scamming the buyer

The seller tried scamming! But we blocked him like a pro!

At first the seller gave us a waiver disclosure statement instead of a full disclosure statement. This document is used when the seller does NOT live in the home - that was not the case! #REDFLAG This was an attempt to hide the fact that the roof had been damaged during the previous year due to a hail storm. The roof was also covered in snow at the time of the purchase so the inspector would not have been able to see the damaged shingles.

This is WHY you should hire an agent!

We demanded that the seller fill out (in detail) a full disclosure statement. On this new document, he was not able to lie because the document specifically asks about the condition of the roof. It asks about damage, insurance claims etc. Here is a screenshot of the correct disclosures.

What was the verdict? The buyers got a brand new roof with all of the permits pulled and receipts

6. Getting the best terms possible

Negotiating is an entire topic by itself. The rule of negotiating is this. If you're not willing to cancel/walk away, you're not negotiating. When it comes to negotiations, we will be as forceful as you want.

Sometimes you will pay the full list price. If you love the house, that's OK. There are many other ways to ensure that you receive fair terms.

Here are the terms that Jeremy & Jazmin agreed to:

  1. $6000 in seller paid closing costs #LessCashToClose

  2. Extended closing date to line-up with the end of their lease #Convince

  3. A brand new roof - paid for by the seller #AreYouKiddingMe!

  4. Plumbing items fixed by the seller #StandardStuff