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Are you a Secret Seller? Meet Placido & Claudia - House Hunters in the South Metro

Do you have a home to sell but you are reluctant to start the home selling process?

Have you been thinking about selling for months - or years! You're not alone. We have a list of qualified buyers to ready to buy your home - privately, off the MLS with less hassle.

Introducing one of those buyers now!

Meet Placido and Claudia. They are selling their small home in St. Paul and searching for a more spacious home around the Farmington (South Metro)area. Your home might be a perfect fit?

Their home criteria?

  • Up to $350,000 budget

  • Searching in the South Metro - Farmington and surrounding areas

  • 4 Bedrooms or more

  • 2 bathrooms or more

  • 2 car garage


Avoid these hassles

  • Having to do repairs/updates to the home

  • Dealing with showings

  • Having to clean and declutter

  • Having to deal with contractors and realtors

  • Negotiations

  • Strangers in your home

  • No low offers or gimmicks

  • Stress


What benefits would you receive by selling to our buyers?

  • Saving you the time and hassle of the real estate sale process.

  • A reduced commission.

  • Well qualified buyer with approval letter in hand.

  • We would handle all of the paperwork and the closing.

  • We'll run a market analysis on your home to determine a fair sale price.

  • Flexible closing date.

  • The sale could be very discrete/private.

  • All of the numbers and expenses would be fully clear and transparent.

  • Experienced Real Estate Professionals with 16 years of experience to guide the process.


Would you consider having a conversation?

After a short chat, we could easily determine if your home would be a good fit.

No pressure. No cheesy sales tactics. Just talk

Sean - 651-336-7612 ~

Blanca - 651-503-1302 ~


Are you a House Hunter??

Would you like us to feature YOU and find you an OFF-Market Secret Seller?


Who are Sean and Blanca?

Sean and Blanca are a fun and dynamic husband and wife team in Maple Grove,

Plymouth, and the West Metro. With over 16 years of experience and performing in the top 5% of Realtors nationwide, they offer time-tested strategies and clear guidance for their clients.

“Your Connection in Real Estate!”

If you want the full story you can visit their about page.

Or just google - "Sean and Blanca"

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