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Are you a Secret Seller? Meet House-Hunters in District 281: Joe & Siobhan [up to $300k]

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Are you a Secret Seller?

Do you have a great home to sell but you are reluctant to start the home selling process? Have you been thinking about selling for months, or even years? We totally understand!

We have Great News!

Meet this super nice family - Joe and Siobhan along with their 2 children. They are seeking a home in the Robbinsdale/Armstrong (281) school district. They're very handy so they're able and willing to do some repairs and/or updates. If your home has good bones (but needs some work), don't be shy and reach out!

Maybe your home would be a perfect fit?

What they are seeking in a home:

  • Up to $300,000 budget

  • Area? District 281 Robbinsdale/Armstrong

  • 2 Bedrooms or more

  • 2 bathrooms or more

  • 1 car garage or more

  • An unfinished basement is OK

  • They'd like to close by the end of March

We understand WHY you've been holding off...

  • Having to do repairs/updates to the home

  • Dealing with showings

  • Having to clean and declutter

  • Having to deal with contractors and realtors

  • Inspections

  • Negotiations

  • Strangers in your home

  • Stress

What if there was a less stressful way?


What benefits would you receive by selling it to one of our buyers?

  • Saving you the time and hassle of the real estate sale process

  • A reduced commission

  • We would handle all of the paperwork

  • We'll run a market analysis on your home to determine a fair sale price

  • The sale could be very discrete/private.

  • These buyers are willing to take on repairs and buy the house as is.

  • All of the numbers and expenses would be fully clear and transparent.

  • Experienced Real Estate Professionals with 16 years of experience to guide the process.


Would you consider having a conversation?

After a short chat, we could easily determine if your home would be a good fit.

No pressure. No cheesy sales tactics. Just talk.

Sean - 651-336-7612 ~

Blanca - 651-503-1302 ~


Are you a House Hunter??

Would you like us to feature YOU and find you an OFF-Market Secret Seller?


Who are Sean and Blanca?

Sean and Blanca are a fun and dynamic husband and wife team with eXp Realty in

Maple Grove, Plymouth, and the West Metro. With over 16 years of experience and performing in the top 5% of Realtors nationwide, they offer time-tested strategies and clear guidance for their clients.

“Your Connection in Real Estate!”

If you want the full story you can visit their about page.

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