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3 Rules for Buying a Home in 2023

So we've been selling homes since 2006. We've seen a lot of scenarios. A lot of similar attitudes and ways of thinking. In this blog, we're going to show you (tell you) how you can win your dream home in 2023.

1. Being 100% prepared

If you work with us we'll make sure that you're prepared. Each client gets a Buyer Consultation and we cover the entire process. You'll get a copy of the buyer checklist, learn all of the expenses, timelines and more.


2. Be Decisive

We are seeing the market heating up already. In January, 50% of our buyers are having to compete with multiple offers. This will only get more competitive as we hit Spring. When you find the right home - don't wait - don't delay - don't hesitate. We want to get your offer in the hands of the seller ASAP! Why? Because if you like the house, I'm sure there are other buyers that do too.

Would you rather compete with multiple offers? No. So the way we avoid that is - Speed and decisiveness.


3. Have Your Dream Team

What team? Your Real estate team silly! In this process you'll have the following people working with you:

Your Real Estate Agent (US!)

Loan Officer

We have a few great ones!

Your Closer [Title Company]

Inspector - Meet Inspector Dan


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