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Getting Your Real Estate License in MN?

So you want to make the big bucks? Congratulations! Real Estate is a journey. A leadership program. You'll never stop learning and adapting. If you're coming onboard with us, we'll help build you a solid foundation.

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But this post isn't about Rah-Rah. It's about the basics of getting licensed and the costs.

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Getting Your License

Here is what you need to know.

  • Get the application here

  • It will cost $730-$1050 to get your license depending on what type of class you choose (Live or web-based) Link to page.

  • $785.66 for your 1st year's payment to MAAR (MN Association of Realtors) For the following year it's billed at $119 per quarter). Link to page

  • To activate your Supra E-Key to enter properties it's $50 activation and then $12.63 per month. At MAAR, they will help you activate your mobile phone and get this set up. Link to Supra

That's $1,564.66 to get your license. Not a bad start-up cost. Now you're positioned to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even better, let us help you build your real estate career and understand what eXp Realty offers with it's rev share and stock program and you can start building wealth.

Costs Associated with the Broker eXp Realty

  • The start-up fee is $149

  • $50 per month tech fee

  • $35 per month

So it's $85 per/mo to hold your License with eXp. Super cheap.

eXp Realty is designed to have minimal out of pocket expenses. Once you get passed the initial start up costs of getting licensed, then it's very affordable to hold your license at eXp.

Your next step is to fully understand how eXp is different and meet with Sean and Blanca.

If you've already done that then you can learn how to start the sign-up process with eXp.

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