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Sean & Blanca's clients renovate their homes and save $$$ with Dealer Discounts [Video]

Who wants to pay retail? Not us! Nor do our client, so we've developed Dealer Discounts! This is not a gimmick rewards program like Caribou Perks (I never get any perks there!). No, we're talking about big savings on high ticket products and materials for your home. This is exclusive to our clients so if you haven't bought a home with Sean and Blanca you're missing out!

This idea started when Sean worked for Best Buy and Geek Squad. As an employee of Best Buy, the discounts were very significant so when Sean left the company, he wanted to offer something similar and better. He started Smart Home MN LLC.

Here are just a few of products that Sean and Blanca have access to:

  • Furnace and AC

  • Cabinets and countertops

  • Windows and doors

  • Flooring & baseboards

  • Speakers and Audio gear

  • Smart Home technology products

Contact them today to start your home buying journey!



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