Congratulations!  We have passed inspection and it's downhill from here.  I'm sure you have questions so we have created some FAQ's.  


Frequently asked questions

FAQ's for Buyers

What next?  The Appraisal

The buyer's lender will order the appraisal on your home. This appointment will show up on the ShowingTime app just like a showing request. Make sure to approve it and it's best to step away for this approintment. The appraisal will usually come around 2-3 weeks after the purchase agreement was signed.

Don't worry, the appraiser is not expecting the home to be in perfect/clean condition. He/she is just looking at the space, the general condition and the overall house.

When will I receive my final numbers for closing?

Your lender will send you the final numbers for closing a few days prior to the closing. You can always call your lender. You'll receive instructions on what to bring (I.D. and a check) to closing.

Canceling/Moving your utilities

Remember to call your utility companies 1-2 weeks prior to the closing date. The water service is the only thing that is attached to the address (not to you). The closing company will call on the day of closing and get the payoff for the water bill. You'll pay for that remaining balance at closing - super easy. You are responsible for canceling or moving the other services. You'll also need to change your mailing address.

Expectations for Cleaning and transfer of the home to the buyers

We've had a few ugly closings due to the sellers not cleaning the house or leaving debris behind. (We know that you won't do that but more info is always better. The buyer will not accept a dirty house or leftover debris. If the house is dirty or there is debris you can expect them to delay the closing or charge you for cleaning or trash removal. This could be a $200-$1000 cost to you. The house doesn't have to be professionally clean or spotless, but here are the general expectations. The home, garage, and yard should be empty. The appliances should be cleaned and whipped out The floors should be vacuumed and swept If you have items that should stay in the home (current paint, window screens, etc) that's OK.

Who will be your Closer and Closing Company?

We always use our favorite Closer -Sarah Weaver with Chicago Title. She will be contacting you about 1-2 weeks before closing. She will ask for information and YES, she is part of the process. She will also send a Calendaer invite for the day/time of closing. We usually Close in Bloomington. Sarah will also be working with your lender to get the final numbers and requirements for the closing.

The Closing!

Congratulation - How exciting! The closing will only take about an hour. You'll receive all of the instructions from your Closer. We don't always attend because of COVID. We'll make sure that you receive the keys. Most sellers will leave extra keys and materials at the house. Once you sign everything, the house is yours!

Buyers will do a Final Walkthrough? How does that work?

On the day of closing (or the day before) the buyer will schedule the final walkthrough. This appointment will arrive via ShowingTime - just like a showing request. It's best if the house can be cleared/cleaned by then, but you might still be moving out and that's OK. The house is yours until everyone signs at closing.

Completing repairs from the inspection - very importent

In most cases, you'll have a few repairs that you've agreed to fix from the inspection. It's very important that you complete these repairs as it is stated on the inspection addendum. You should have a copy of the addendum (if not we can send you one). Providing paid receipts: You'll need to provide paid receipts for any repairs that you did. For larger repairs, they might require a lein waver. To reiderate, if the addendum stated, "Seller shall have a licensed plumber fix the leak.." Please hire a plumber as they will be expecting a receipt from a plumbiung company. These repairts are usually due about a week prior to closing so don't procrastinate too much.

Will you need help with this move?  Moving company/Cleaning company?

You might need help with this move - It can be overwhelming. We have some good contacts for moving and cleaning companies, so let us know.

FAQ's for the Seller

How do I get the most money for my house when I sell?

Right now the most important thing is the condition of the home. No one can change the location or structure of the house this means we focus on getting it READY for the market. We have seen prices increase $20k - $60k over other estimates from real estate agents. The first step would be to contact us for a free consultation. From there, we would give you access to our designer where they will help you get your home ready to sell. Each of our clients have full access to all of our contacts like painters, handymans and more to get the house in the perfect conditions for top dollar.

How to pick a realtor when I sell my home? What should I look for?

Coming soon!

What should I focus on fixing when I go to sell my house? What should I spend my money on to get the most return?

Every house is a case by case sitsuation but here is where we would start: 1. Painting 2. Flooring 3. Light updates on bathrooms and kitchens 4. Our biggest tip is decluttering your home! This is our specialty. We invest a lot more time than other agents working with the client to ensure they do the correct upgrades, and avoid the costly updates And poor decisions I will not bring them the return on investment.