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Step 1. Have us over to preview your home

Knowing your numbers and marketing plan will be your 1st step in the home selling process.  Be sure to have Sean and Blanca tour your home and provide a market study and seller proceeds estimate before calling the designer. 

Step 2.  Schedule your design consultation

Call our designer to visit your home and get some ideas going.  This service is included for free for our clients who list and sell with us! 

What's included for free:

  • The initial consultation

  • A plan of action report for each area of the home. 

Deanna Kallin  

612-327-1916  • Mobile


What's not included for free (but you are free to hire and pay for)

  • Multiple visits by the designer

  • Getting the designer involved with renovations and projects

Step 3.  Determine next steps

After your design consult, you might feel a little overwhelmed but not to worry, it's a team effort!  We'll never pressure you and you won't have to complete everything in the report.  These are suggestions only.  We'll help you determine what should be done and what areas/items/repairs that you can skip. 

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