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Commission explained

We want to give our sellers the best deal possible and allow us to find new clients so that both of us create a win-win.  Watch my video to learn how we do this for our sellers. 

Sean and Blanca’s Commissions Policy Explained


Scenario one 

This is the most common scenario where the full commission is paid. How does this work? The buyer’s agent brings the buyer and that would result in you paying the full commission listed on the Listing Contract.

Scenario two

Sean and Blanca find the buyer as a direct result of our marketing efforts.  For these buyers, we could offer a discount of 1% discount from our original agreed commission as listed on the listing agreement. This would be a dual agency scenario.  For example, if the Listing contract states 6%, we would lower the commission to 5%.


Scenario three

If you find the buyer (and no other agents are involved) and we will agree to a 4% commission. This would be a dual agency scenario or we could act as facilitators for these buyers.


Scenario four (very unlikely)

While your home is listed, Sean and Blanca may have buyers who are qualified and interested in your home. These buyers are already under contract with us. For these buyers, we would not offer a discount as we are expecting to get paid a full buy-side commission (2.7%).  This would be a dual agency scenario.

  1. If you are not comfortable with dual agency, we would not bring these buyers to view your home.  Learn more about agency here. 

  2. If you’d like to show your home to our current buyers, we are more than happy to show your home to them. Understand that we would be acting as dual agents and assist both you and them with the purchase of your home and we would not be offering a discount.

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