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Sean and Blanca Schellsmidt

We have a long and fascinating history of how we met and what brought us to work together in the real estate business, raise a family and constantly renew and enliven their approach to business. 

Yes, read our story, but better yet: call us up. Ask us questions about our lives and what we care about. Get to know Sean and Blanca. We already want to learn about you and what gives you energy and how you approach life and decisions.

As powerhouse team we have learned through over 20 years together that sharing stories, being honest and truth-telling is the best foundation for any relationship--whether spouse, business partner, client, friend, parent or family member. Our approach to family and business is the marker of their unique brand in the Real estate industry.

Here’s How it All Started

Blanca grew up in Mexico. Sean grew up in the US. 

At 17, Sean took a month-long vacation with his friend’s family that landed them in Ixtapa, Mexico. They stayed in a beautiful condo on the bluffs and the fateful day that Sean met Blanca would change the course of their lives forever.


Typically the condo brought guests up and down the mountain on a ski lift. But the morning Sean decided to go down alone, it was under maintenance and being fixed, so he got on the local bus. At one of the stops Blanca (18 years-old and an aspiring model) along with a photography crew got on that same bus. That group was on their way to Blanca’s modeling shoot. Since the only open seat for her was next to Sean, she took it. Moments later the director looked at Sean and said, “Hey, you two look great together. Come to this photo shoot!” 

How could Sean resist? Here he was sitting without a care in the world, on vacation in Mexico, next to a beautiful Mexican model, being asked to join her in a photo shoot at a penthouse.

Sean said yes and from then on Blanca and Sean were inextricably connected. And even though Sean eventually had to return to the US and Blanca moved to Mexico City to begin law school and continue modeling, they remained connected through writing letters, phone calls and more extended visits. 


Ultimately, though, they wanted to make their relationship more than a long-distance one so Sean moved to Mexico City to start modeling alongside Blanca. The routine was simple: Blanca would go to law school each morning and model every night on a daily game show. It was unusual in the mid-90s for a young woman in Mexico to move to Mexico City alone and not be considered a rebel - it was very counter-culture!. But Blanca was determined to get her education and once she and Sean were modeling together around the entire country, they both realized they’d made a very comfortable life for themselves...finally together...finally making money.

And then the first of three babys came.

When Sean and Blanca realized they were pregnant, the decision to leave Mexico City was easy. The intensity of the overcrowded, polluted metropolis with a rat-race mentality and deeply-entrenched classism was not the place they wanted to raise a child. They sold everything, quit the six different modeling agencies that represented them, Blanca dropped out of law school, they left Mexico and moved in with Sean’s parents in Minnesota. 

Blanca and Sean had done a complete about-face. In Mexico City they were getting education, going out, having fun, making lots of money and had freedom to travel the country for modeling gigs. And then in Minnesota they were in a rut. Sean’s family of origin was not conducive to peace or calm or health. Like they always do, Sean and Blanca looked at their situation, made plans and took steps to seek out a better way to be and live. Blanca eventually found a job as an interpreter as well as signing with a modeling agency in the US. Sean tended bar and took some classes at community college until landing a job at Best Buy in the tech department.


That job at Best Buy led them here to you. That’s right. The long and winding road to you right here started with their first sale through Sean’s work at Best Buy and Blanca’s law-school ability to seamlessly navigate and understand real estate contracts. Sean installed TVs for Best Buy at a home for a customer who needed to sell her house. She felt Sean was a good man and trusted that he had a good wife. 

Blanca and Sean held an open house and sold that woman’s home...and, well, the rest is not just is right here and right now. As they continue to uphold their belief in truth-telling, honesty and assessing the next right decision, Sean and Blanca have built a real estate business that centers on those pillars.

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Sean's strength is he is very persistent and relentless. He structuring the deals and negotiates hard to ensure that your house sells for top dollar and/or you get your dream home.