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About Us

Sean and Blanca Schellsmidt

Sean and Blancas story began when they met in Ixtapa, Mexico when they were teens. Starting out their careers as models in Mexico city, they eventually got married, moved to Minnesota, and started their family life together. Today their business is thriving, but during their first years in the US together, they struggled to make ends meet due to the 2008 recession, no career, and a baby on the way. Through it all they made it happen by building their foundation on making  authentic relationships with everyone they meet. 

How it All Started

     They met when they were 18 years old in Blancas hometown, Ixtapa. While taking a bus to the beach, they happened to sit next to each other. Blanca was on her way to her next photoshoot, and Sean was on vacation, catching a ride to meet with his friends. The director for the photoshoot saw them sitting next to each other and thought they looked like a great couple. She asked Sean if he wanted to join them on their photoshoot. Looking over at Blanca for her approval, he asked her if that would be ok with her. She said it was fine, so Sean agreed and they ended up shooting their first photoshoot along the beach acting as if they were a happy couple.That became their first encounter and what would lead to their next chapter in Mexico City. 


While Sean was in Minnesota and Blanca was now living in Mexico City on her own. Long distance was not working anymore since Blancas life grew busier with College and her Modeling career. Instead of breaking it off, Sean made the move out of the country to Mexico. During their time in Mexico City they lived the rat race chasing the next photoshoot day after day while Blanca maintained her law school. After about 3 years of dating they found out Blanca was pregnant and that led them to move to the US. It was not in Blancas plans, but the hectic city was no place to raise a newborn. They packed up their bags and moved to Sean’s hometown Golden Valley, Minnesota.



Soon after moving to Minnesota Sean started experimenting with different career paths. Having few choices during the recession, he eventually landed a position at Best Buy working for Geek Squad. It became a stepping stone for his next opportunity. During that time he began building relationships and grew an endless passion for technology. 


While Sean was making his way at Best Buy, Blanca got her Real Estate License. They had just purchased their second home and out of frustration for the proces they went throug she realized she could really help people finding their home. In fact Blanca’s first seller was a British lady who Sean worked for at Best Buy.



Since 2006 Sean and Blanca have been in Real Estate. Now with 3 kids, they spend their time building their business and making memories through family travels. 



Sean and. Blanca run a real estate team in Texas and Minnesota. Through their business they have kept their focus on connecting families together and making them feel welcomed. Every year they host a Fall Festival event to connect their clients together.

Giving back is important to them. Blanca is a Co-Founder for the non-profit Mercy House Minneapolis as well as the CEO for Reenew Events. Both companies advocate towards empowering women and helping mothers in great need.


Some of their accomplishments include receiving the Production and Cultural ICON awards each year. To earn this award, not only do they need to sell a high volume of homes, but also teach classes to other agents internationally.

Being both bilingual has opened opportunities for them to represent sellers and buyers in Mexico as well. 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell in or out of state, you can contact them and they can represent. you, or connect you with the right agent.

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Blancas ability to listen and take action accordingly is what sets her apart. She will make sure her clients get plugged into their new communities.

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Sean's strength is he is very persistent and relentless. He structuring the deals and negotiates hard to ensure that your house sells for top dollar and/or you get your dream home.

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